Clemmie’s Cattery – Ohio Catteries in Rushville Ohio – 4725 Logan-Thornville Rd NE, Rushville, OH 43150, USA

Parent Cats

Truffles: Maine-Coon

Our new momma cat. She is a beautiful Calico. 

Ametist: Maine-Coon (male)

Color: Black Classic Tabby

His quality is breeding for show. He is a beautiful, friendly cat who loves kids.

Natasha: Maine-Coon/Polydactyl (female

Another parent cat. A soft, beautiful white cat. She will be mated with Homer, our other Polydactyl.

homer 5

Homer: Maine-Coon-Polydactyl (male)

Color: Bicolour black and white

His quality is breeding for show. He is a lovable, laid back cat.

Daisy: Siberian (female)

Color: Blue Lynx Point

She is such a friendly and ornery cat. She is very active and loves to get into things with her sister.

Dominica: Siberian (female)

Color: Seal Lynx Point

She, like her sister is ornery and loves to get into everything with her partner in crime, Daisy.
Both are very beautiful cats.

Charles (Charlie): Siberian (male)

Color: Blue Tabby with white

He loves to cuddle and is great with children.